swiss bird alert


Swiss Bird Alert has been created in a cooperation between Classy Code GmbH and the CH Club 300.

App: Alex Suzuki - Classy Code GmbH
Classy Code GmbH
Website: Andreas Weiss
Project management: Adrian Jordi
Project team: Daniel Gebauer, André Weiss Pryde
Translations: Nicolas Martinez, Michel Rogg, Julien Mazenauer, André Weiss Pryde, Patrick Donini, Sophia Mezzasalma
Sounds: Mathias Ritschard (Siberian Rubythroad © Chie-Jen Ko, Terek Sandpiper © Christoph Bock,
Richard's Pipit © David Marques, European Bee-eater © Marco Dragonetti /
Photographs: All photographs have been provided by members of CH Club 300 free of charge. Many thanks!

Swiss Bird Alert has been made possible by:
  • generous donations from members of the CH Club 300
  • Robatech
  • CH Club 300
  • unpaid work by numerous people, see above
  • revenues through selling the app