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Terms of Use

By subscribing to Swiss Bird Alert you pledge yourself to adhere to the following points:
  1. Provide truthful information when reporting a sighting.
  2. Provide information that allow other observers to find the species.
  3. Observations of breeding birds at a nest site are not being reported.
  4. Appropriate behaviour in the field with the goal that there will be no disturbance of the environment or the rarity reported by us so that Swiss Bird Alert will also be informed about sightings from that area in the future.
In case of severe violations of the interests of Swiss Bird Alert (see points 1 to 4) we reserve the right to block your account. Any financial claims on Swiss Bird Alert will be void in this case.

An active participation of all users is desired and guarantees the success of Swiss Bird Alert.

Export, Correction, and Deletion of Data

In case you wish to export, delete or amend your account or other data, you can also contact us via Information > Contact.

Check the Privacy Statement below for more details.

Privacy Statement

Content of this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement informs you about what personal data we process as part of our activities for our website and our app Swiss Bird Alert (iOS, Android). Furthermore, we irnofm about the rights of persons whose data we process.


CH Club 300
3003 Bern

President: Adrian Jordi

E-mail: info at

You can contact us at Informationen > Concat.

Legal Basis

We process data according to the Swiss data protection law.
In particular the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP)
and the Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection (DPO).

Storage of Data


All personal data of the website is stored on servers in Switzerland at Hostfactory:

OptimaNet Schweiz AG
Stationstrasse 56
8472 Seuzach

Here you can find the privacy Privacy statement of Hostfactory


Your passwords are stored in an encrypted format (as a Hash) and are thus not visible to the operators and hosters of

Transfer of Data

Embedded maps of

If you have entered coordinates of your sightings via the maps of embedded in or the Swiss Bird Alert App, these coordinates are transferred to the API (Application Programming Interface) of when the maps are viewed at any later point in time. To display thesemaps, does not need to transfer that data to the servers of Google LLC.

You can find the Privacy statement of Google LLC here.

Push Notifications

The sightings entered by you(date, location, species) are sent via push notifications or e-mail to the users of

Push notifications are sent via the respective APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) via the servers, respectively, of Apple or Google.

You can find the Privacy statement of Apple Inc. here.

You can find the Privacy statment of Google LLC here.

Embedding in

The sightings from are also shown on the primary website of CH Club 300. You can find the Privacy statement of here (German only).

Further Data

With the exceptions stated in the sections above, no data entered or stored at are transferred to third parties.

Transmission of data


Data transferred between your device and the web server of is encrypted via TLS (Transport Layer Security).

E-mails other users of are sent via the mail servers of OptimaNet Schweiz AG to the mail servers of the recipient's domain. This transfer may use unencrypted channels.

Push notifications are sent to the servers of, respectively, Apple or Google via a connection encrypted with TLS.

Data exchange between the Swiss Bird Alert app and happens via a connection encrypted with TLS.


The Swiss Bird Alert web site is using cookies to link the pages you visited in your browser to a session (sesion cookies). These cookies are deleted as you close your browser.

In case your browser does not accept cookies, a session identifier is added to the URLs instead. This too is only used until you close your browser. The session identifiers can remain in the server side log files until those are deleted.

In case you use the function Remain logged in during login, a persistent cookie will be stored in your browser and on the Swiss Bird Alert server This will be deleted when you explicitly log out again.

Background Requests

When accessing the pages on or the Swiss Bird Alert App that include a map (entry page, sighting details, report sightings), requests to are triggered (as well as further requests triggered by

The Swiss Bird Alert App is comunicating with the website of in the background.

Inspecting and Changing Your Data

Address Data

Via Settings > Change Address you can change at any time the address data you have previously entered.

Push Notifications

Via Settings > Notifications you can also see which notifications have recently been sent to your device. Older entries are deleted after a few months, latest after one year.

Sighting Data

You can view, modify, or delete your own sightings at any time via the entry page of or Sightings > Search.

Use and Visibility of Your Data

Log Data

Via Settings > Notification you can also see which push notifications have been sent to your device. Older entries are deleted after a few months, latest after one year.

On the Swiss Bird Alert server log files are created. These contain the address (IP address) of the device from which the site was accessed. In addition the web pages viewed by you or services requested by the Swiss Bird Alert app (URLs) are stored, any errors that occurred, your user name during login and potentially additional inputs you have made on the Swiss Bird Alert web site or in the app, as far as they are required for the analysis of problems.

These log files can be used to analyse errors and problems. They are deleted after a few months, latest after one year.

Sighting Data

The sightings you have reported are visible in the Swiss Bird Alert app, as well as on the web sites of Swiss Bird Alert and CH Club 300.

All data is visible to subscribers of Swiss Bird Alert, including your name as reporter and the location of the sighting, if indicated by you.

The following data is visible to the public:
  1. Count
  2. Plumage
  3. Canton/country
  4. Conditions
  5. Confidence
  6. Source
  7. Report time
(Thus no free text inputs.)

Only visible to subscribers are, however:
  1. Your name as reporter (first name, last name)
  2. Name of the observers
  3. Location (area or location name, coordinates)
  4. Comment
  5. Photographs
Except as indicated above Swiss Bird Alert will never provide any of your data to third parties.

Location Data

As you enter the pricise location of a sighting, you have the option to see your own location (according to GPS) on the map. But only the sighting location you have chosen yourself on the map will be ever transmitted to Swiss Bird Alert.

At any time you can view, edit, or delete your reported sightings on Swiss Bird Alert on the home page or via Sightings > Search.

Account Data

All data entered you entered when signing up (except first name and last name as indicated above) is only visible to yourself and the Swiss Bird Alert administrators. At any time you can view and edit these via Settings > Change Address. (Your password is not stored as plain text and hence not visible to anyone.)

Device Data

When you start the Swiss Bird Alert app, the following data is transmitted to Swiss Bird Alert:
  1. Device type ('Android' or 'iPhone')
  2. Operating system version for support purposes
  3. Version of the Swiss Bird Alert app for support purposes
  4. Registration token of the device for sending push notifications
You can view and delete this data any time via Settings > Notification.
Note: When you have deleted the data it will be retransmitted the next time you start the app.

Designated Use of the Stored Data

E-Mail Address

We need your e-mail address to inform you about events on your account (creation of the accout, expiration and renewal of subscription, change of the password). Furthermore it is needed if you want to request a new password via Log in > Forgot Password.

We can also sent information to your e-mail address about inportant news or problems regarding or the Swiss Bird Alert apps.

In case you activate notifications via e-mail at Settings > E-Mail, you will furthermore receive the recent sightings via e-mail.

Name and Address Data

Address/ZIP code/location, country serve to distigush users e.g. when the subscription fees are paid to the bank accout of CH Club 300 (see Information > Subscription). We do not send any physical mail to your address and do not verify that the data you have entred is correct or up-to-date.

Export, Correction, and Deletion of Data

In case you wish to export, delete or amend your account or other data, you can also contact us via Information > Contact.

Final Clause
CH Club 300 reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any time. We will inform you about such changes in an appropriate way. In particular the current version is always published on (under Information > Terms of Use / Privacy).

Version of this Pricacy Statement: 1.0
Date of publication: 31.08.2023