swiss bird alert


If you do not own a Smartphone able to run the SBA App you can receive notifications via e-mail. Some e-mail programs can be configured to forward incoming SBA messages as text message to your mobile phone. Furthermore the access to up-to-date news on is granted and you have the possibility to report your own sightings on

Notifications via e-mail are sent to you from with the subject ALERT.

Important: Whether a forwarding as text message is possible or not depends on your e-mail programme as well as the provider. Further costs may arise from forwarding. Swiss Bird Alert cannot provide support for setting up such forwarding.

How to Subscribe

  1. Open an account on
  2. Activate notification via e-mail at Settings > E-Mail
  3. Pay the annual membership fee (see cost).
  4. After payment has been received, Swiss Bird Alert will enable your account. You will be notified via e-mail.
Please note that it may take a few days until your account is enabled.


The annual fee for an e-mail subscription is CHF 30.-. An e-mail subscription starts when the account is activated by Swiss Bird Alert after we have received your payment. Please transfer the fee to the following account:

CH Club 300
3003 Bern
Bank: Schweizerische Post
Account number: 60-530998-3
IBAN: CH83 0900 0000 6053 0998 3
Payment note: SBA

You can check your membership expiration date on www.swissbirdalert at Settings > Notification.

Extend Subscription

A month before your membership ends you will receive a reminder e-mail. By paying the subscription fee the subscription is extended by a year. To ensure an uninterrupted subscription your payment has to be transferred at least two weeks before the end date to the aforementioned account.

Change to a Smartphone Subscription

It is possible to switch to receiving the notifications on a smartphone at any time. Just install the app and login to the app with your user name and password. This will disable the e-mail notifications.